A Certified Business Broker can Value, Market and SELL your Business!

    There are hundreds of variables in selling a business and it is the Broker’s job to pay close attention to all of the details to make sure the business transaction is a smooth one.

    There are many benefits in using a Certified Business Broker when selling your business. One of the main reasons is to free up the owners time so he can concentrate on running the business and a high level.

    Another very important factor is the confidentiality aspect involved with the sale. By not using a Broker, an owner risks loosing key clients, vendors and employees.

    So how else can a Certified Business Broker help?

    • Review and recast the business financials to show the true profitability of the company, and to determine an honest value range for the asking price. A Certified Broker will explain exactly how the value was established.
    • Write a comprehensive Business Review and Presentation Package to increase the marketability of the business.
    • Will handle all advertising and marketing to attract buyers nationwide.
    • Will pre-screen buyers to make sure that they are both financially and financially qualified to buy the business
    • Schedule and monitor all buyer/seller meetings.
    • To obtain SBA financing for qualifying businesses.
    • Handle all negotiations with offers and counteroffers on the business.
    • Will assist with the Due Diligence process.
    • Los Angeles Business Broker Robert Dean will assist with the sales transaction from the beginning process through the close of escrow.

    These are just a few of the many benefits of using a Certified Business Broker. Selling a business differs from selling Real Estate. Most of the value is intangible and requires a trained expert to realize and quantify it.

    If you have any questions about selling your business, please contact Certified Business Broker Robert Dean, CBB at Banner Business Sales, Inc. Phone: 310-793-6757.
    Email: robert@bannerbusinesssales.com
    Website: www.BannerBusinessSales.com